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Cellular integrated solution to your organizational phone system

Our service allows mobile operators to connect their users as part of the organizational telephony system. All the functionality that an office worker has, stays with him anywhere he goes. Mobile for business is essentially a connection between Voicenter's advanced systems in the cloud central world and the switches system of several cellular companies. The smart and unique connection makes the employee's device located in the field an integral part of the organizational telephony system and enables input management and outputs including analysis of service metrics and real-time sales and much more then the basic use of conversation between two parties,

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Cellular integrated solution to your organizational phone system

Seamless Implementation

The main advantage of cellular for businesses is expressed easily and simply in connecting to the service - a simple connection of a SIM card to the mobile phone and you are connected to a telephony in the cloud.

No Infrastructure Needed

The connection of the cellular branch with the switchboard in the cloud does not require internet infrastructure and a provider but relies on the direct connection with the antennae from the mobile operator.

Accessibility From Anywhere

The same services in the cloud that cannot be compromised at this time regardless of the Internet infrastructure or the physical location of the end user allows a connection to the organizational activity from anywhere.

BYD - Bring Your Own Device

Do you have a cell phone? Actually, who doesn't. Connect your SIM to your phone and save on the costs of purchasing dedicated hardware to connect users to a cloud switchboard.

Our Advanced Cloud Cellular Integrated Solution

We can combine mobile users to our telephony cloud

The Mobile for Business is a smart and unique solution that makes the employee's device located out of office boundaries (using a SIM connection only) an integral part of the organizational telephone system. It is allows a more then the basic use of a conversation between two parties features that cannot be implemented in a regular line. Moreover, the connection of the cell phone together with the organizational PBX enables the management of all communication services in one focal point.

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Call recording and storage
All business calls are recorded automatically on all types of phones and without the need to connect to the app. Call storage is done on a secure cloud system (or on your own storage server) and all call recordings can be easily accessed through the organizational call history interface. In addition, recordings can be blocked for specific destinations so that the privacy of the employee who uses the phone can be maintained for his personal needs as well.
Recording and storing cellphone calls
Mobile numbers
Did you know? Studies show that the response rate in an incoming call from a cellular number is about 80% higher than the call response from a landline number. At Voicenter, we offer the option to purchase cellular numbers for use in a cellular extension or stationary extension to display them as an ID number in outgoing calls and route them in incoming calls wherever you want.
Mobile numbers
Using cellular activity data, you can monitor employee activity in real time, generate reports, and improve external office activity. The information is intuitively accessible in the monitor interface and real-time data for measurement and control as an integral part of the organizational telephony system.
Monitoring the cellular extension
Dynamic Caller ID
Displays different phone numbers in outgoing calls from the mobile extension according to the destination or by custom setting.
Dynamic Caller ID
GSM landline Phone
A desktop cellular phone is ideal for using multiple branches, working from home, or any office that seeks to connect the cloud PBX easily and regardless of the Internet infrastructure. At Voicenter, we can offer a variety of desktop (GSM) or SIM-powered wireless mobile phones.
GSM landline Phone
Mobile IVR
Maintain high availability by routing incoming calls to your cell phone number, multiple affiliates simultaneously, by time, unanswered, or to another number. During the routing of the call, you can promote the marketing messages or make the waiting time for the answer pleasant.
Custom cellular call routing (IVR)
Mobile integration to CRM
The mobile for businesses allows for a full connection between the cellular extension and the customer management system at work in front of a computer. By integratng with the information system, it is possible to dial with a click, pop up the customer page in an incoming call, automatically record the details of the call on the customer page (including link to the recording), and many other diverse capabilities that will increase value to the customer and improve business outputs.
Mobile integration to CRM


So why choose Voicenter? In light of three main reasons: innovation, the ability to execute immediately and professionally.

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Liat Porat
Customer Experience | Gett

Voicenter is a leader in service. The whole company from the CEO to the last of the employees is dedicated to the result, which is a success.

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Haim Kaduri
Founder | Kaveret

Excellent support, excellent service and thanks to their system efficiency our sales have improved by 15% in the last year.

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Oshra Levi
VP Marketing & Sales | WINWIN

As a dynamic and innovative company, the solution implemented by Voicenter provides an accurate response to our needs, enabling optimal management and streamlining business processes.

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Amir Harush
CTO | Kali Group
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