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Business Phone Services

Make your Business Phone Services the most up-to-date today and in the future with a unique distributed cloud telephony platform that unites all telephony needs in one place.

Business phone services involve a designed system that can handle complex or busy office environments to allow multiple calls to be routed in parallel. This ability is meant to help your business to connect your clients in a convenient way to the relevant departments. Business phone services benefit your clients as well, who can immediately get engaged while they are reaching the desired employee. This service allows your business to manage inbound and outbound calls, offers various features from local numbers, IVR, queues, call recording, and a lot more.

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Reliable with 99.999% uptime

Anywhere and anytime you will enjoy a high stability and uptime of 99.999% – meaning there is no dependence on the geographic location of your organization or end users.

Innovation Technology

Our system enables employees to be managed and seated in an informed manner even remotely with control and measurement tools and real-time data.

Cross organisation monitoring

Our system enables employees to be managed and seated in an informed manner even remotely with control and measurement tools and real-time data.

Fully cloud-based

Outbound worldwide Call in a model by consumption. Seting up or reducing extensions by the organization needs and using whenever you want. What's needed, as much as it takes, when it's necessary.

Our Advanced Business Phone solutions

All the communication services your organization needs in one place!

In a dynamic and competitive business reality, one must see the wider picture and maintain high availability, all the time. We have solutions that will always keep you in business. In a small or multi-departmental organization, in an office or remote work environment, in a local or international market, a virtual PBX that focuses on each user's unique business needs is a communication system in which the individual and the organization become one.

All of Voicenter's advanced centralization services in the palm of the user's hand
Dynamic IVR
Unlimited menu layers, direct routing to a known extension or transferring the call to the relevant party according to the customer's choice or customer type, allows you to maintain high availability and create a precise and high-quality telephone response. Customizing the departments, times or identifying the caller number - shortens waiting times and enables accurate and high-quality telephone response.
Dynamic IVR illustration
Worldwide Internal Calls
Transfer of calls between distributed branches and shortened dialing between extensions at no cost - streamlines workflows and reduces costs. Even if your offices are in different countries, your employees will feel that they work in the same work space.
In-house conversations within the organization
Call Recordings
Personalized call documentation for extensions, cloud recording archive storage, and simple and intuitively cropped audio files are backup and documentation tools and are a tool for verifying, training and documentation in remote transactions. including cloud storage or downloading the file to your computer. Ideal service for training employees, for verification purposes, and documentation in remote transactions.
Call records interface with link to record
Sending faxes (Fax2Mail) directly from the email box reduces the use of paper and allows neat filing and tracking of each fax document of the organization. Without physical equipment, with smartphone send and open, reduce costs and save paper.
Email containing the received fax
Sending faxes (Mail2Fax) directly from the email box is easy to use and available from anywhere. Using this service reduces the use of paper, save the need to use expensive equipment and helps your employees to stay focus on theire tasks without leaving the desk in order to send fax.
Sending fax from the email box
The Cpanel interface enables friendly management of the entire organizational telephony and also of the users of the system and their features. The interface is carefully designed and designed so that end users can manage independently, easily from anywhere, anytime.
Cpanel Interface
Virtual conference rooms
Save time in meetings and face-to-face meetings. The virtual conference rooms help hold and conduct multiplayer conversations, create collaborations and increase efficiency regardless of geographic location. You can connect to a conference room from any region of the world, and from any phone. At the end of the meeting, you can record the content of the conversation by recording the conference room.
Illustration of people from all over the world chatting together with voicenter's conference room service
Calls Encryption
Secure, encryped and protected, even in the cloud – without the need for physical equipment or dedicated software. Including coding network connections, and retaining organizational information. Exclusive service to the cloud PBX!
 Illustration of a conversation with a shield blocking security breaches
Integrations to business applications
Integration of the telephony system into the organization's systems, which includes updating the call history and call recordings to the contact page automatically. In fact, you can implement shortened workflows, create an extremely efficient experience, and significantly improve the customer experience.
 Illustration of a screen from the organizational information system in conjunction with Voicenter's advanced telephony system
Music On Hold
Is the customer waiting on the line? A great opportunity to offer him services that will give him value. Play jingles, promote products and services, or simply make your customers wait with music that meets your business needs.
Illustration of a variety of recordings used for playback while waiting for a response
Voicemail To Email
Receiving and hearing voice messages directly from the email - A voice message left to the representative will be sent to his personal email along with a sound file containing the recording of the left message. Any voice message will be received in an email that includes the details of the message and will be able to hear the message recorded in real time through the computer.
Illustration of a voice message sent to the email box
Low Minute Price
Pricing minutes in the "Pay-As-You-Talk" model at competitive rates, without exceptions and without obligation - reduce expenses and do not waste your money on a package of minutes.
Illustration that demonstrates how cheap the price is relative to competitors for outgoing call minutes
International DID
Numbering services all over the world, regardless of the geographic location of the organization - work as a local company all over the world!
Numbers from around the world that can be used in the voicenter system
All the equipment needed to operate a cloud PBX - a variety of phones, headphones and routers using innovative technology that is updated to dynamic needs even in the long run.
Illustration of a router, IP phone, and headset


So why choose Voicenter? In light of three main reasons: innovation, the ability to execute immediately and professionally.

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Liat Porat
Customer Experience | Gett

Voicenter is a leader in service. The whole company from the CEO to the last of the employees is dedicated to the result, which is a success.

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Haim Kaduri
Founder | Kaveret

Excellent support, excellent service and thanks to their system efficiency our sales have improved by 15% in the last year.

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Oshra Levi
VP Marketing & Sales | WINWIN

As a dynamic and innovative company, the solution implemented by Voicenter provides an accurate response to our needs, enabling optimal management and streamlining business processes.

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