Voicenter Operations Support Systems

Essential Operations Support Systems platform that enables you a seamless management of your network.
VC-oSS is a multitenant and cloud first by design system. We assist you to future proof your network and business opportunities.

Voice Interconnect

Simplify interconnection to other PSTN and SIP trunks.

  • Quality based Least Cost Routing - Guarantees profitable operations while keeping service quality optimal.
  • Cost management - Automated and customized providers rates updates to ensure accurate management of call termination activities.
  • Gateway provisioning - Simplifying the connection, testing and onboarding of new trunks to production.
  • Fully compliant to the STIR / SHAKEN standards.
    Automated Mobile Numbers Portability system to optimize call routing and charging

Logs, Metrics, Traces

Built in logging mechanism to centrally audit and investigate all system events 
and metrics, providing your teams with easy to manage troubleshooting tools

  • RTCP capturing and analyzing - Proactively identify network and audio performance, aggregating MOS scores per calls, destinations, providers and more.
  • SIP & IMS Signaling - Captured, aggregated and stored for real time or future analysis.
  • Audit Logs - Thorough collection of all users and services activities in the system for in-depth forensic investigation and additional audit needs.


Real time monitoring of your network assets, services and infrastructure to proactively identify and notify abnormal behaviour by predefined thresholds

  • Integrate Voicenter services to your existing operator monitoring tools using standard protocols (SNMP, ICMP, HTTPS) sensors.
  • Anomaly detection by severity.
  • Automated notifications only for low severity detections and automated operational triggers for high severity detections.


Centrally manage all system parts and microservices in a single place

  • Simple provisioning of new service components such as accounts, users, DIDs, SIP trunks, hardware, vendors, IP Phones and more.
  • Automated High Availability design to support redundancy and scalability of all system elements avoiding operational bottlenecks.
  • Distributed architecture with no one point of failure to add resiliency to your services.