Our Voicenter BSS For Carrier Grade Communications Stack

Voicenter provides comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions, automating key business processes, and enhancing decision-making through data analysis and business intelligence.

Tailormade Business Support Systems for Carriers

Sales and Marketing

  • Leads
  • Opportunities 
  • Quotes 
  • Onboarding

Account and Customer management

  • Contact Persons  
  • Locations 
  • Users

Billing and Payment 

  • Services 
  • Call Pricing and rating
  • Data Packaging and bandwidth management
  • Invoicing - Usage/bill
  • Collection and receipts
  • Accounting system integration


  • Natively integrated to support the services
  • Client Portal for self-service
  • Email & IVR Integration automation
  • Dynamic fields by ticket type
  • Tier level escalation management

Telco Suite